Summit Raceway's Modified Mini drivers

Driver:  Shalynn Guthrie               
Class:  Mini                                          Car #:14                               
Years In Class:2                                                 Years Racing:3

3 Biggest Achievements:
                1.  Rookie of the Year.
                2.  3rd place championship.
                3.  2nd place championship.

Sponsors:  Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, & NAPA
Special Thanks:  To mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and all of my sponsors.
Most memorable moment:  The competition in the 2009 season.


Driver:  Steve Pruitt       
Class:  Mini                                          Car #: 45                              
Years In Class:  6                                               Years Racing:  9

3 Biggest Achievements:
                1.  2004 & 2005 Modified Mini Sportsman of the Year.
                2.  2004 Battle Mountain Modified Mini Track Champion.
                3.  2009 Summit Raceway Modified Mini Track Champion.

Special Thanks:  Jim, Dennis, Mom, & MLG Racing


Driver:  Bernie Sethaler
Class:Pro/Pure/Mini                       Car #:0bs                            
Years In Class:  7/3/5                       Years Racing:  8
Spouse:  Tricia  
Children:  Debbi, Brian & Valerie

3 Biggest Achievements:
                1.  5 beautiful grandchildren
                2.  Pro Stock Champion 2005
                3.  Pure Stock Champion 2008

Sponsors:  Thin Air, Elko Tool & Fastener, & NAPA

Driver Name: Tanner Snow Baer   Nickname: Grumpy Baer
Division: Modified Mini/Pro 4            Car # L8R
Chassis: SA22C FB Mazda RX-7 with 2300cc Ford engine.

Years Racing: 5
Years in class: 4
Sponsors: Las Brisas “The Taco Wagon”, Pruitt Technologies, Napa, Peckerhead Oil Pumps, Elko Tool and Fastener and my Mom

Special thanks to Dennis, Jim and Steve Pruitt, My Mom, MLG Racing, Good Time Racing, Thorp Racing, OK Racing, BS Racing, and Shanell Snyder.