Summit Raceway's Pro-Stock drivers

Driver:  Cody Maier        
Class:  Pro                                            Car #:  CJ5                           
Years In Class:  1                                                               Years Racing:  6
Spouse:  Michelle                           

3 Biggest Achievements:
                1.  Winning Gold Rush.
                2.  Rolled a race car.
                3.  Placing 2nd in season points.

Sponsors:  NAPA, Patzer Fabrication, and Goicoechea Soda Blasting.
Special Thanks:  Mom, Dad, Michelle, Jeff & Mary Patzer.
Most memorable moment:  Rolling race car on the front stretch;.


Driver Name:  Brian Thorp       Car #:  7
Division: Pro Stock
Years Racing: Too Many to count    Years in class: Way too many to count
3 biggest accomplishments:  Summit Raceway Pro Stock championship 2010 With My Son, Winemucca Regional Raceway track Champion Pro Stock 2009, Summit raceway Pro Stock champion 2009

Sponsors: Clack Automotive Repair, MAC Tools, North Central Nevada Machine Shop,
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Driver:  Jay McLeod        
Class:  Pure/Pro                                Car #:  0K                            
Years In Class:  0/4                                           Years Racing:  6
Spouse:  Valerie                              
Children:  Kylee & Kaitlyn

Sponsors:  Thin Air, BS Racing, High Performance Machine, Elko Tool & Fastener, NAPA.
Special Thanks:  Bernie & Tricia Sethaler, Valerie & Kylee & Kaitlyn.
Most memorable moment:  When my 2 girls were born.


Driver:  Bernie Sethaler
Class:Pro/Pure/Mini                       Car #:0bs                            
Years In Class:  7/3/5                       Years Racing:  8
Spouse:  Tricia  
Children:  Debbi, Brian & Valerie

3 Biggest Achievements:
                1.  5 beautiful grandchildren
                2.  Pro Stock Champion 2005
                3.  Pure Stock Champion 2008

Sponsors:  Thin Air, Elko Tool & Fastener, & NAPA

Driver Name:  Brad Stanfill       Car #: J4
Division: Pro Stock
Years Racing:Rookie     Years in class:0

3 biggest accomplishments:
                1. Getting married to my wonderful wife.
                2. Building our home.

Sponsors: Spring Inn Lounge, Elko Bail Bonds, Elko Tool & Fastener

Driver:  Lee Bosch
Class:  Pro                                            Car #:  35

Sponsors:  Bosch Motors, Performance Computing, Bennett Motorsports
Kar Krafters, and Winnemucca Blacksmith.

Driver:  Terry Lister
Class:  Pro                                            Car #:   J9
Years In Class:  7                                                               Years Racing:  13
Spouse:  Janine
Children:  James, Jake, Kate

Sponsors:  Tiptonís Pest Control, R&N Enterprises
Special Thanks:  Steve Farnum, Janine, James and Jake

Driver Name:  Zach Thorp       Car #: 72
Division:  Pro Stock
Years Racing: 1    Years in class: 0
3 biggest accomplishments: Summit Raceway Pro Stock Championship 2010 w/ My Dad, Battle Mountain Pure Stock Championship 2010, Second Place Summit Raceway Pure Stock POints 2010

Sponsors: Clack Automotive Repair, MAC Tools, F(ASS)T Chassis, Epic Action Video Cameras, North Central Nevada Machine Shop, And My Dad

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