Summit Raceway's Pure Stock drivers

Driver:  Zach Thorp         
Class:  Pure                         Car #:  72             
Years In Class:  Almost 1/2                                            Years Racing:  Almost 1/2

3 Biggest Achievements:
      1.  Turning 14.
      2.  Second place overall Silver Cup.
      3.  Winning my first heat race.

Sponsors:  Clack Automotive Repair, MAC Tools & Taylor Chiropractic
Special Thanks:  My dad for all his help & support, Dad & mom for letting me race.
Most memorable moment:  The look on my dadís face when I won my heat race.


Driver:  Kevin Wynia      
Class:  Pure                         Car #:  39             
Years In Class:  1                                                               Years Racing:  1
Sponsors:  Me


Driver:  Valerie McLeod
Class:  Pure                         Car #:  00             
Years In Class:  4                                                               Years Racing:5
Spouse:  Jay                      
Children:  Kylee (4);  Kaitlyn (1 Ĺ)

3 Biggest Achievements:
                1.  2nd place 2008 & 2009
                2.   Sportsman of the year.
                3.  Racing against my dad & beating him-only once though.

Sponsors:  Thin Air, NAPA, & BS Racing.
Special Thanks:  Dad, Mom, Jay & kids.
Most memorable moment:  Winning my 1st main event on my 30th birthday!


Driver:  Jay McLeod        
Class:  Pure/Pro                                Car #:  0K                            
Years In Class:  0/4                                           Years Racing:  6
Spouse:  Valerie                              
Children:  Kylee & Kaitlyn

Sponsors:  Thin Air, BS Racing, High Performance Machine, Elko Tool & Fastener, NAPA.
Special Thanks:  Bernie & Tricia Sethaler, Valerie & Kylee & Kaitlyn.
Most memorable moment:  When my 2 girls were born.


Driver:  Bernie Sethaler
Class:Pro/Pure/Mini                       Car #:0bs                            
Years In Class:  7/3/5                       Years Racing:  8
Spouse:  Tricia  
Children:  Debbi, Brian & Valerie

3 Biggest Achievements:
                1.  5 beautiful grandchildren
                2.  Pro Stock Champion 2005
                3.  Pure Stock Champion 2008

Sponsors:  Thin Air, Elko Tool & Fastener, & NAPA

Driver:  Jake Lister
Class:  Pure                                         Car #:  9J
Years In Class:  3                                               Years Racing:  3

Sponsors:  Tiptonís Pest Control, R&N Enterprises, Port of Subs
Special Thanks:  Steve Farnum, Mom, Dad, James and Brad

Driver:  Terry Lister
Class:  Pure                                         Car #: T9
Years in Class:  Rookie                                    Years Racing:  13
Spouse:  Janine
Children:  James, Jake, Kate

3 Biggest Achievements:
                1.  Getting to the track.

Sponsors:  Tiptonís Pest Control, R&N Enterprises, Port of Subs.
Special Thanks:  Steve Farnum, Janine, James, Jake & Brad.

Driver:  James Lister
Class:  Pure                                         Car #:  J9
Years in Class:  4                                                Years Racing:  5

3 Biggest Achievements:
                1.  2006 Pure Stock Champion
                2.  Bruce Crowley Memorial 2009 Winner

Sponsors:  Tiptonís Pest Control, R&N Enterprises, R&N Trucking, Port of Subs
Special Thanks:  Steve Farnum, Jake, Mom, Dad and Brad.


Driver:  Teri Kellum         
Class:  Pure                                           Car #: 34                              
Years In Class:  2                                                               Years Racing:  9
Spouse:  Kirk                     
Children:  Chris, Sarah, Brandon, Ben, Andrew, Becca, Rachel, Hannah & Leah.

Sponsors:  George Lewis & Brian Thorp.
Special Thanks:  Brian for getting me hooked on racing. 
Most memorable moment:  First time going out on the track in the cruiser class.

Driver Name:  Shannon Surman     Car # 88
Division:  Pure Stock
Years Racing: 2     Years in class:  2

Sponsors: StateFire DC Specialties, Elko Wire & Rope, Napa and anyone who wants to help out.
Driver Name:  Jody Hierholzer      Car # 83
Division:  Pure Stock
Years Racing: 3      Years in class:  3

Sponsors:  StateFire DC Specialties, Dale White Motors, Fordia Drilling Products, 7-Day Dental, Airgas/Elko,
Collision Autobody and Napa, Matties Bar & Grill.
Driver Name: Jake Lister Car #: 92
Division: Pure Stock
Years racing: 5 Years in class: 5
3 biggest accomplishments:
winning the Bruce Crowely memorial race
graduating high school
studying at wyotech
Sponsors:Tiptons pest control,special thanks to goodtime racing,rebel rod racing,and kaleb

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